I personally have a great deal to thank God for this year.  After playing an incredible tennis season with my best friends, surviving the first quarter of my junior year, making it three months as an only child and always having my number one fans to come home to after a long day, I realize how much God has blessed me with.  Regardless of what is down the road, it is so important for us all to take account of what we have in this moment.  It’ll be gone before we know it and we sometimes lose sight of that when we only think of the past or future.      

I have often wondered, why pick just one day out of the whole year to “give thanks”? There is so much to be thankful for every single day of our lives.  We should really be counting our blessings every second of our day, because God has truly given us an abundance of things to be glad for.  Taking a special day from the year to give thanks reminds us all of how truly wonderful life is.

Family, football, watching the Macy’s Day parade and obviously eating more than you are capable of are all Thanksgiving traditions I look forward to.  I would like to suggest something new you might try this year to jazz up the typical going around the table and sharing what you’re thankful for tradition.  As your guests arrive on Thursday, have them write down what they’re thankful for on little sheets of paper.  Take your unbaked rolls (crescent or homemade) and roll the papers within them.  Bake as directed and enjoy reading them during dinner.  Keep the notes anonymous and guess who wrote each one for another twist!

Enjoy your day, enjoy your family and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!  -Kate 


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